The warmth of food…

I took for granted a great number of things including home-cooked meals.  I belong to a family  where cooking from scratch is a way of life, not a conscious choice.  Hence, it is embedded in me too.  To this day, when my mom wants me to taste something, she will not give it to me on a spoon, she will pick it up with her bare hands and put it in my mouth.  My mom is a clean freak. She has never once eaten our leftovers.  Having said that I must mention when she fed (hand-fed) us, there were no leftovers. She knew exactly how much we ate and she mixed exactly that amount of food.

When she had grandchildren, I would see her patiently mix the food with her bare hands.  Agreed, it is very cultural.  Needless to say, it was so much later in life that I learned about the transference of energy through the hands.  As she mixed the rice and the lentils and vegetables, with her bare hands, she had conscious good thoughts – thoughts of good health, happiness and peace.  For most people, this is a very foreign concept – mixing food with bare hands and I wouldn’t have thought about it as much had it not been for my moving to North America.  We just didn’t know any differently. When she fed her grandchildren, she fed them with her bare hands, not using spoons or forks.  And I would watch in awe how she never made it messy.  Eventually as the grandchildren grew older, I heard them say to her how much the food tasted better.  They could actually tell the difference in the quality of food.

This very concept fascinates me. In this day and age of mass production of food, what would be the energy in a packaged product? Would there be transference of love? Would there be warmth? Is something like this significant to the development of children and society in general? Am I ignorant about any research that has been done in this field of energy? Is it just cultural to be so particular about a home-cooked meal?

I honestly don’t know the answer to these questions.  But I know that I am very aware when I cook that my thoughts have to be clean, healthy and peaceful, for it is being ingested by others. And the only reason I do that is because I am grateful for having been provided the opportunity to have had home-cooked-mom/grandmom-fed meals.



One thought on “The warmth of food…

  1. Very interesting, Kalpana. I never thought about the transference of energy through the hands when being fed. I have always taken the time to feed my kids as it was of paramount importance to me that they ate well. My Mom had always done that with us as well. However, I did use a spoon to feed them. I always strive for a calm dinner atmosphere and prepare food with love. Now perhaps I will try feeding my daughter with my hand. Thanks for the idea.

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